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Heather - Very professional service. So nice to have this option living in the county! 
Dino - I want to highly recommend Back Road Baggage LLC (BRB). My widowed mother lives between Stanley and Luray, in the region where there was no municipal trash removal service. For years, she had to manage her trash by herself. As she grew older, the task of taking her trash to the land fill became more and more difficult. She tried several private trash removal services, but most wanted her to take her trash bags to the end of her very long gravel driveway. This was a very difficult task for her especially as she grew older. When she would miss a pickup day, the bags would accumulate, then she was told she had too much. This went on for years, sometimes bags of trash would accumulate and my mother was very stressed by not having reliable service. I live in California, so I could not physically help her.
Last December, one of my friends notified us on Facebook about BRB. I called right away, and after a nice discussion, we arranged for BRB to start trash removal service for my mother (door service, not curb service). Over the past 6 months, the service has been terrific. My mother is so much happier: no more bears raiding her trash, no more hauling trash in her car, no more trips to the land fill. BRB has been consistently providing great service, even during difficult weather. With that said, we have renewed for another 6 months. The service BRB provides has been missing from Page County for years, and we are so happy they are around.
Michelle - We heard of this company from a friend. We did a trial for a month and we very impressed. This is no pretend business, the are serious and have a true work ethic. We signed up for a full year. Now we can sell the truck we'd kept for dump runs and the money we saved from not paying insurance is going to cover the first year. Highly recommend!
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